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Pex cross-linked tubing is manufactured using the Peroxide method and falls under the group known as PEX-A. This technology achieves higher degrees of cross-linking compared to other techniques, resulting in superior resistance to high pressures and temperatures, and therefore, its quality and durability are superior to most PEX pipes available in the USA market. 


  • Plumbing Systems (Cold and Hot Potable Water)
    PEX tubing is commonly used in plumbing installations to transport both cold and hot water, ensuring a reliable and durable water supply for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Radiator Heating Systems
    PEX tubing is an excellent choice for radiator heating systems, providing efficient heat transfer and distribution for comfortable indoor environments.
  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
    PEX tubing is widely utilized in radiant floor heating systems, offering consistent and energy-efficient heating by circulating warm water through the tubing embedded in the floor.
  • Ice and Snow Melting Systems for Public Buildings or Residential Access Areas
    PEX tubing is employed in systems designed to melt ice and snow on sidewalks, driveways, and other access areas, enhancing safety during winter months.
  • Air Conditioning Installations
    PEX tubing can be used in air conditioning systems to transport chilled water, helping maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • Industrial Installations (Compressed Air, Transportation of Toxic or Corrosive Fluids)
    In industrial settings, PEX tubing serves various purposes, including conveying compressed air and transporting toxic or corrosive fluids due to its resistance to chemicals.
  • Livestock Facilities
    PEX tubing finds applications in livestock facilities, where it may be used for water supply and other fluid-related needs, providing a reliable and durable solution for agricultural operations.

The versatility and durability of PEX tubing make it a preferred choice in a wide range of applications, ensuring efficient and long-lasting performance

Flairit, a reputable company known for its commitment to European-quality standards, specializes in providing a comprehensive range of tubes and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of construction and plumbing projects. The offerings from Flairit include:

  • Insert Fittings: These meticulously engineered fittings are designed to establish secure connections with PEX tubing, ensuring unwavering performance across various applications.
  • Pert Tubing: Flairit is recognized for its high-quality Pert tubing, which finds utility in an array of applications, from radiant floor heating systems to plumbing projects.
  • Pert Pipe in USA: Crafted to adhere to rigorous European standards, Flairit‘s Pert pipes emerge as an exemplary choice for plumbing and heating installations, marked by their exceptional reliability.
  • Fresh Water Systems: The product line from Flairit.com is ideally suited for freshwater systems, delivering a consistent supply of clean and safe water, addressing the demands of both residential and commercial settings.
  • Compression Fittings: Widely adopted in plumbing systems, Flairit‘s compression fittings excel in forming leak-resistant connections, particularly valuable in scenarios where straightforward installation is paramount.
  • Crimp Fittings: Precision-designed, these crimp fittings from Flairit establish robust and dependable connections for PEX tubing, ensuring longevity and reliability across various plumbing applications.
  • Manifold for PEX: Flairit‘s PEX manifolds play a pivotal role in efficiently distributing water within radiant heating and plumbing systems, offering meticulous control over flow dynamics.
  • Valves for PEX: Tailored specifically for regulating water flow within PEX tubing systems, Flairit‘s PEX valves simplify routine maintenance tasks and facilitate effortless on/off operation.

With a diverse and extensive product range, Flairit.com comprehensively addresses the multifaceted requirements of construction and plumbing projects. Their steadfast commitment to European-quality solutions ensures that customers’ projects benefit from top-notch products and performance.

They take care of delivering each service or product in a personalized manner, prioritizing logistics services throughout the country. Additionally, they provide technical consultations by their polymer experts for clients who require it.

At Flairit, in addition to marketing Pex pipes, they offer the ideal accessories and tools for Pex installation. If you want to discover all the products they have available, visit their digital catalog


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